Non-Hazardous Waste

Clark Environmental, Inc. owns and operates a FDEP permitted waste solidification facility processing non-hazardous solids, sludges, liquids, tars and gels in both drum and bulk quantities.

Depending on the contaminates of the materials, it will either be processed through our Thermal Treatment Facility, disposed at an approved FDEP -Class I landfill, or processed through a FDEP permitted wastewater treatment facility.

We also handle spill cleanup absorbents (booms, pads, filters etc.) contaminated PPE, along with off-specification and unused product. Additionally, we handle empty drums and containers for recycling. Certificates of Acceptance, Treatment and Disposal are also available on request.
"They have always taken care of us. Their prices are typically better than the competition. The best thing is their response, they are always quick to respond." - Josh L.
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