Clark Environmental, Inc. owns and operates an FDEP permitted waste solidification facility processing non-hazardous solids, sludges, liquids, tars and gels in both drum and bulk quantities. Depending on the contaminants of the materials, it will either be disposed at an approved FDEP -Class I landfill, or processed through an FDEP permitted wastewater treatment facility.

Clark Environmental, Inc. also handles spill cleanup absorbents (booms, pads, filters etc.) contaminated PPE, along with off-specification and unused product. Additionally, we handle empty drums and containers for recycling.

Certificates of Acceptance, Treatment and Disposal are also available on request.
At Clark Environmental, Inc. service is what we do best. Since 1991, we have provided reliable and safe transportation and disposal services. We offer competitive pricing for quality services, knowledge, and safety.

Our drivers are highly skilled professionals who have accumulated millions of safe-driving miles. They are prompt, professional, and conduct transportation services efficiently, saving you time and money. All drivers are trained in FDOT, FDEP and OSHA regulations, along with paperwork requirements, emergency procedures, and the proper use of PPE.

Many potential problems are eliminated before the truck leaves your premises because our drivers provide on-site assistance with manifests, DOT drum labeling and FDEP marking requirements.
Clark Environmental, Inc. provides transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous material in drum or bulk quantities including all RCRA hazardous & TSCA regulated wastes. We offer comprehensive disposal services of materials such as: flammables, combustibles, acids, caustics, toxics, poisons, cyanides, reactives, PCB’s, contaminated soils, shock sensitives, compressed gases, and other regulated materials and wastes. We also offer LabPacking services along with providing complete packaging supplies if needed.

We give exceptional service by providing complete assistance to help sample, analyze, characterize, identify and package known & unknown wastes, assist with RCRA guidance on packaging & treatment options, as well as assist in completing profile documents.
Clark Environmental, Inc. provides the scheduled pickup time of your drums within a two (2) hour window, eliminating your time wasted onsite!

Clark Environmental, Inc. will approve and pickup drums within 14 days from an approved profile submittal. 

Non-Hazardous Waste
Clark Environmental, Inc. provides transportation and treatment of contaminated soil, and we provide cleanfill to fill in any remediated areas. 

We also provide free profile approval, manifests, and labels*, as well as providing certificates of disposal upon request.

Clark Environmental, Inc. is dedicated to helping Florida Reach 75% Recycling by 2020!

We are now accepting bulk loads of petroleum contaminated soils, and can now include arsenic contaminated soils, and other non-petroleum soils for disposal. Each ton of bulk soil received will be used as daily and/or intermediate cover counting as one ton of recycled material.